MLB en español

Today the Boston Red Sox announced the launch of a Spanish-language webpage,, as well as a Spanish Twitter account @redsoxbeisbol. Social media is still a (relatively) new frontier for Major League Baseball teams; the Red Sox are just the 8th team to have a dedicated Spanish-language Twitter and/or Facebook. However, Los Red Sox are the 21st team to create a Spanish-language webpage meaning there are still 9 teams lacking one. The question is, why are the teams without a Spanish-language page reluctant to create such a site?

The teams currently without an official Spanish webpage are the Blue Jays, Brewers, Cardinals, Indians, Orioles, Phillies, Pirates, Reds, and Twins. If the teams do not add any content and simply translate their current pages, what’s the hold-up? In the cases of Baltimore, Cincinnati, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, St.Louis, and Toronto, Hispanics and Latinos make up less than 5% of the population in each respective city (per the most recent U.S. Census), but that should not be a valid excuse; 27% of current Major League ballplayers are Latino, it would appear that the interest is certainly there.

The Phillies (5.7%), Indians (7.3%), and especially the Brewers (13.3%) need to leverage the Hispanic presence in their home cities. The San Francisco Giants have a similar Hispanic presence (14.1%) and have two specific positions in the front office targeted at that audience including a Hispanic Sales and Marketing Coordinator. The aforementioned teams are leaving thousands of dollars on the table in both online advertising and ticket sales by not having a dedicated Spanish-language team website. Team executives would be wise to look at the numbers and adjust their sales and marketing plans accordingly.


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  1. Bryan Cornet says:

    Thank the Los Angeles Dodgers (who would have ever thought I’d be saying thank you to the Dodgers) for being the first MLB franchise to reach out to the Latino fan-base, broadcasting in Spanish and doing extensive scouting in Latin America.

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