Embedded Tweets – Coming to an arena near you

January 30, 2012

Embedded Tweet

Image via @MagicAndrew

Every day, forward thinking brands and organizations do their best to bridge the digital and physical world. No one, in my opinion, does a better job of this than Nike, especially with the launch of the Nike+ Fuelband. Gatorade has dabbled into this arena by “immortalizing” fans’ #WinfromWithin tweets, but I believe they are just scratching the surface. With so many organizations trying to bring the fans into the digital world – “Like us on Facebook” “Join the conversation on Twitter” – it may be time to flip the script and bring the digital world to the fans.

Many fans still cannot grasp the concept of a hashtag, it may be due to age or a lack of desire to learn about new technology, but those fans exist nonetheless. The above picture is a smart idea that can allow these fans to still enter the brand or team’s digital world and get a glimpse into yet another aspect of the organization. Due to the simplicity and cost effectiveness of this practice, sports teams might be well served by utilizing this concept. There are a number of ways this can be used to add value for the fans –

  1. Teams can showcase their own athletes tweets, posting some of the funny, emotional, or insightful thoughts the player shared. The tweets can be hung throughout the stadium, or in one centralized area. The Cleveland Indians could specifically use this in their widely praised Social Suite to add extra value for the attendees.
  2. Colleges can include specific tweets in their hall-of-fame section of the campus, constantly staying current with some of their most distinguished and famous alumni.
  3. Teams can showcase a section of fan tweets about the team or a specific event. It would be a very interesting experience to be able to see tweets from writers, fans, and celebrities pertaining to their team’s athlete breaking a milestone, all in one place.

Organizations have done well to bring their Twitter presence to the physical world, this is another wrinkle that may not take a great amount of time or effort from the organization, but could become a valuable way to enhance the fan experience throughout the season.